What does 120/80 mean?

120/80 (read as “120 over 80”) is the standard for a healthy blood pressure in adults. It isn’t perfect: factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and weight all have an effect, and blood pressure can vary throughout the day. These drawbacks are minimal, making 120/80 an excellent benchmark for adults who want to monitor their health.


The numbers in a blood pressure reading refer to the pressure exerted by blood in your arteries. 120 is your systolic pressure – the pressure when your heart is beating. 80 is your diastolic pressure – the pressure between beats when your heart is resting. When these numbers increase, your risk of heart attack or stroke can increase as well. With active living, and smart food choices you can control and decrease your blood pressure.


That is why we chose 120 Over 80 as the title of our Wellness Series. It highlights the importance of knowing the numbers that help measure your health, and doing your best to improve them by leading a healthy lifestyle.


We will have more information to help you “know your numbers” soon, so check back often!